History of Hyytinen Hollow

Hyytinen Hollow is a family-based business providing tube rentals for over 20 years.

Growing up  right here on this property,  the last name Hyytinen,  became  synonymous with this place since the late 1950's. It was the perfect name for our business. 

As a child growing up on this beautiful Deerfield River, I literally spent thousands of hours playing in this river as well as tubing it.  When I returned home as an adult, with my son Nick age 12 he needed a summer job.  What better oppurtunity than starting a little business renting tubes for the river ride. 

 We wanted to share the joys of the scenic Deerfield River here in Charlemont and this is still our goal. 

 In 1997 I purchased 20 black inner tubes and we were started. Lousy signs and not much advertisement, but we were on our way. Now many tubes of much better quality, we have become a wonderful small family run business.  

 Ten years ago my daughter started D& D Hotdogs to accompany  the tube rentals.  It was a great success. Now operating under the name Sue-Per Dogs, it has become all it was hoped to be. Enticing many people off the river for a delicious HOtdog topped with as many as 23 different toppings.  It is the place to come. 

 We find much joy in meeting new people  from all over the country and many parts of the world as well as seeing our numerous repeat customers year after year. 

 We hope to continue the success we have enjoyed these past many years, giving families a very memorable time on the very scenic Deerfield River. 

 Hyytinen Hollow and family.